Sibila Ribeiro, full-time designer, strategist, marketeer, consultant, opinionated & full of awesome ideas. This website is a constant work-in-progress, and at this moment, in between happy clients, I'm updating my site to include more work, less clutter and a better look (at least I'd like to think so!). You can see a few of the latest stuff I've designed on my Flickr account or connect with me via Linkedin.

Based in South Florida, I have been building websites since 1996, and have more than 20 years experience in print design and multimedia development with clients such as Hanna Barbera and Pepperdine University in Malibu, California.

I'm extremely perfeccionist with attention to details, pixel by pixel. I also hold a Bachelor's Degree in Advertising and Marketing, and post-education in Computer Graphics, 2D/3D Animation and Design from UCLA.

Due to a very busy year, I'm not taking new clients until August, 2016. You can contact me now if you're interested in developing a project after that date and I'll be happy to talk to you!